Tri-Angular-Matrix Existensialism and Platonian Geometry in a Material World

Madge was right. There's a sentence you didn't expect anybody to ever say, ever. But are we not all just material girls, living and breathing in a material world?

The real paragraph starts now:

According to the leading purveyor of all-knowing electronical truth and wisdom, Wikipedia states describes Platonian Gemotry as a page that "does not exist" and that there are "no results matching your query". Here is the proof of the Educated-Stupid's attempt at hiding the truth from our hiveminds, 'protecting' us from the terror of wisdom and smartnessness. Every day, countless human beans are brain-fed false knowledge about 'science' and 'maths', when the real truth is out there, on this website. Armies of academics have tried to disprove my therories, but I always tell them that they everything has been approved by the Board of Speculation and Conspiracy Pty Ltd and that there is nothing they can do to change my mind because I disregard all proven mathematics and modern physics anyway because I believe it is wrong.

The falacy has spoken! We are all people made up of microscopic people ingredients, suchas hair and cells!

And Peter said to Simon "You ain't talking 'bout my bitch like that." and then Simon was all like "You better believe I did. And she couldn't get enough of it." then Peter was all up in his face like "Yo man U gotta tell me the secret to you're blueberry-upside-down apple pie!" And then Simon told him.

Platonian Geometry was developed in 1964 by Jean-Paul 'Gene' Jean-Paul during his time at Westminster Abbey Prepetaratory Boarding College. His theory simple states that a triangle is the root of all geometric geometry in the universe, and that we are all made of atomic triangles--like a piazza. This knowledge forms the basis of my theorum, and the purpose of this site, which states that the world--fuck it, the universe itself too--is in the shape of a triangle, and that all prior knowledge of everything is stupid and wrong and evil and gay in the perjorative sense used by teenaged insecure white males. We have been tricked by the Afghanamerican-Nick-Cage-Obamacare Triangle of Conspiracy into thinking that the world is round, and that instead of having 1 day each rotation of the sun we actually have 27.33334 'micro-days'. And every 33 years we have an extra 0.66666 micro-day to make up for any disrepancies in the Temporal Vortex. Now that we have a general understanding of my theory generally, we can moose on to the next section:

The Educated-Stupid Phallacy

The world of people has been dumbered down by the conspiracy of the mutant evil goverment conspiracy and stuff (see the ANCOToC for my thoughts on this subject) in order to hide base truths of the universe from ourselves. By owning and standerdising the education thingy, they are able to teach us what they want us to think, thus creating the educated-stupid. These are peeps who are educated from school and life, but are fundamentally stupid because of their education because they were taught the wrong evils acording to me, a random person on the World Wide Infomation SUper Hi-Way. They are so stupid that they don't even no that they are stupid enough to relise that they are stupid enough to know that they are wrong. Anybody who does not beleive in waht I, THE SMARTEREST PERSON IN THE MULTIVERSE, have to say, is educated-stupid and therefore I will disregard anything you say to prove me wrong.The End.